今池- Imaike Shop Review


(Imaike Shop)

Lazy Sunday on the 2nd floor of Imaike Shop

ポイント! (Key Point)

  • 2 stories!
  • Great, big bay window upstairs (perfect for people watching/zoning out)
  • LCD flat-screen T.V. on mute playing random T.V. programs/news (or ミスド commercials on repeat)

I rather like the Imaike location as well. It’s probably up there in my top 3 favourite Nagoya locations I’ve discovered thus far. I think the reason I like it so much is due to the fact that it has a really nice 2nd floor with great, big windows that are perfect for staring outside, people watching out on the street  or just zoning out (my personal favourite).

It also has a nice big T.V. screen kept on mute that often plays CNN or American/Japanese News (or Mister Donut CMs on constant repeat). The only problem with the second floor is that they don’t often like to come up to give coffee refills- and it’s a pain to have to constantly go downstairs to get manual refills.

Imaike (in my subjective opinion at least) is not that great of a place to be honest…I think by far the nicest part of the town is in fact, this very Mister Donuts. As far as I know, there isn’t much else worth doing/seeing in Imaike aside from this 2-story Mister Donut.

Oh well, at least it’s an easy 5-min bike ride from my apartment.

Oh yeah,

I like the Mister Donut window decals...

I’m suddenly reminded of this one time I was at Imaike Mister Donut- sitting downstairs by the window on the 1st floor- and this man suddenly runs up from the outside and bangs on the window to get my attention. When I look up from my homework- obviously startled- he laughs loudly and pointedly- making sure I am made aware of his amusement and then runs off.

Imaike is a strange place. Strange, indeed.

Scratch that. The world is a strange place. How strange, indeed.


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