金山- Kanayama Shop Review


(Kanayama Shop)

still one of my favourite pictures taken here in Nagoya~

from the other side

ポイント! (Key Point)

  • Funky Mirrors along the wall- a Mister Donut decoration first!
  • Separate room/section for お待ち帰り (take-out)
  • Best service for Coffee refills! – (#1 location for staff being on top of coffee refills that I’ve encountered thus far)

Kanayama Mister Donut was the first Mister Donut I went to after coming back to Japan and arriving in Nagoya- this time around to live and work here in Japan.

In fact, it was one of the very first glimpses of Nagoya I had after coming out of the train station with all my baggage and feeling lost/nervous/overwhelmed by all of it. Would my pickup arrive? Would I actually have lodging and the job I came here for? All those nervous thoughts- and yet the sight of something so familiar and special to me was quite a comforting sight. Although, I wasn’t comforted enough to actually stop in with all my luggage and get a donut.

That being said, since I lived in Kanayama for my first two months in Japan in a hostel- the Kanayama Mister Donut became my regular escape/sanctuary from the hostel and having to constantly share a room with 3 other people. In that sense, the Kanayama location became very special to me- and is still one of my fondest locations here in Nagoya.

Summertime @ Kanayama

Summer at ミスド--カキ氷!! (Not so amazing actually....)

I would often go here in the mornings to prepare lessons and drink enough coffee to get my energy to maximum for training. I really like all the mirrors that line the walls- I’ve never seen any other layout like it in any of the other Mister Donut locations I’ve visited.

Plus, I also strangely like how constantly busy it is. There’s something nice about a Mister Donut that is always so constantly busy and bustling. It’s a nice place to people-watch/zone out with all the chatter and white noise constantly going on.

I don’t go here as much anymore as I no longer live/work in Kanayama, but it’s still one of my favourite locations here in Nagoya and I hold a fond affinity for it.

I’ve had many interesting encounters, long talks with friends and acquaintances and long boughts of solitary thought, Japanese studies, gratuitous amounts of coffee drinking and zoning out here- so it’s no wonder it’s one of my favoured/most nostalgic/懐かしい Mister Donut locations thus far. <3


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