千種- Chikusa Shop Review


(Chikusa Shop)

Chikusa self-serve ミスド + Mos Burger

ポイント! (Key Point)

  • Connected to a Mos Burger (so if you get hungry for something that ISN’T donuts– like that would ever happen!)

Frankly, there isn’t anything so inherently/openly special about this location, aside from the obvious fact that it’s attached to a MOS Burger, so if you get hungry for some (slightly) more substantial food, you can sit and eat a Mos Burger with your donuts.

It’s very open and spacious and I’ve never seen it truly crowded, and although it’s not the most interesting or exciting of all the mister donut locations I’ve been too- there is a quiet, mysterious something about it that I like. I get a sense of solitude every time I go here, and it’s not a bad kind-of solitude at that, just a quiet, “you can keep to yourself and keep to your thoughts”  type of atmosphere.

I like to go here, put my headphones in and zone out with a book or some quiet music. It’s also a pretty good spot to study Japanese (not that I’ve found any particular mister donut spots that are BAD to study at either), I suppose.

My most vivid memory of this particular location is of the day I sat in here after getting a ラッキー typhoon day-off-work/reprieve from the trek all the way down to Tsu (津).

A quick ode-to-Tsu; Tsu, Tsu, my deepest, more fearsome enemy- it’s you. The name alone brings on a bought of the nause, it’s true. For whomever would want to make the arduous journey down to you, I wish I knew.

Anyhow, regardless of the inherent horror that may or may not be implicit in the very fiber of existence that is Tsu- that particular day is what strikes my memory the most about this particular Mister Donut location.

After hearing the glorious news that I got a lucky Saturday off- hence giving me a rare 3-day weekend, I was beyond ecstatic at my free morning to just ごろごろ/laze around in Mister Donut. I studied a bit, listened to some music and enjoyed my favourite hobby of all- zoning out.

Chikusa is good for that. If one ever wants to simply zone out and unfocus/unwind- this location is an easy 3 min bike ride away (from me) to do just that.


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