津- (the dreaded) TSU Shop Review!


(Tsu Shop)

The bleakness! The horror! The nausea, angst, forlorness and despair!

ポイント! (Key Point)

  • The main attraction & shiny beacon of golden-chocolate light in Tsu!
  • You don’t even have to leave the Tsu station in order to enter it- in fact you can avoid entering Tsu altogether and just come for the donuts and leave again! ボーナスポイント! !

Oh woe! Of all the Mister Donuts in Japan, why did I have to walk into- er, shall I say- write about this one?? My arch-nemesis (also known as where I work on Saturday mornings and most likely the only rational reason I have an irrational vendetta against…); TSU!!

Well, considering the ode to Tsu I wrote about in my Chikusa post– I figured it was only fair to shed a beacon of golden-chocolate light on the Tsu Mister Donut- the only truly redeeming quality of the city .  **see footnote
Well, to start- I suppose that’s not entirely fair. There nothing inherently wrong with Tsu of course- seeing as well, there is nothing inherent ever. That being said, there is something about Tsu that just doesn’t seem to fit well with me. It may simply be that fact that I am made to travel all the way down from Nagoya to Tsu every single Saturday for work at way too early o’clock in the morning. (yes that’s a real time, you may also know it by its other name a.k.a.- “the world before 10a.m.”)
But, that is neither here nor there and still has nothing to do with the authentic Tsu- in and of itself. But still, the place itself has a sort-of bleakness. I’m not able to express it so well myself- you’ll just have to take the journey all the way down here to be disappointed by it in person. :D

However, there are a few good points to Tsu.  Firstly, the name warrants itself easily to a lot of puns- (ah, I worked in Tsu today… Ah! TSU-karesama desu!). Additionally, the name kinda sounds like sushi (Tsu-shi, yum).

Well anyway, I’m getting a little off track here (which is ironic as I’m on the train home ((hehe)). Actually, I went to Tsu Mister Donut not once, not twice but on 3 separate occasions today! (that’s gotta be some kinda record- even for me).
So anyway it got me thinking, I’m long overdue for a post about the Tsuショプ. In fact, a friend even asked me which Mister Donut I had been to the most since living here- and with horror- I considered that it may actually be Tsu!! I don’t actually go and have a proper sit there with coffee and relaxing and spacing out and the like, but since it’s the closest to where I work, I may very well have gone in and out it for お待ち帰り the most number of times! Oh woe! To think my arch-nemesis Tsu holds the record for my Nagoya mister donut visits!

庄内緑地公園: Older/Wooden Style

Well anyway, the shop isn’t all bad. It’s one of the shops I go to frequently enough to actually recognize the regular staff there, and they remember me. It’s all recently been converted to the ‘new style’ (there is both a ‘new’ and ‘old’ style of interior decoration for mister donuts- I’ll go into this more in future updates) but briefly- the old-style is becoming a lot harder to come by, as most shops have converted to the new style. And while there is certainly nothing wrong with the new-style, I find myself liking the old-style shops better- as they always seem to have a bit more character.

Newer/bright/shiney style

The new ones are a lot brighter and just a tad bit more sterile. This- shall we call it; sterility is pretty apparent in the Tsu mister donut. It’s almost as if the shop itself disagrees with the transformation and is fighting against it. Sure it’s been re-wallpapered and the seats & tables have been updated, but it’s like a transplant rejecting its new host. It feels like the old mister donut is still underneath- trying to burst out and revert back to how things used to be.  Aren’t we all?

So, this may be a strange thing to say considering I’ve not actually seen this location in the old format, but I’ve since heard that they recently changed it before I started coming to Tsu- and I can totally imagine it designed in that previous style. So, it’s not a bad place, it just feels a little strange- I can’t see myself sitting down there and studying or zoning out for long periods of time- (perhaps it’s simply that I just don’t want to stay in Tsu for all that long). It’s also always rather busy and bustling- but I find I have a hard time concentrating in there.

Tsu(津): Natsukashii...でしょう?

There’s a big, closed off smoking area that reminds me of one of my Hirakata-shi mister donuts- so it always makes me feel rather 懐かしい/(sentimental).

Ah! The delicious beacon of golden-chocolate light when working on a Saturday...

Working in Tsu is always a rough day for me- so I appreciate the little sanctuary/beacon of light that is the Tsu Mister Donut. It’s easily the highlight of my day on many Saturdays! So in this sense, The Tsu Mister donut is rather like a small salvation for me- so I can justly say I have some sense of affection for it.
It may not be the shiniest or the nicest of all the mister donuts I’ve been in, but there is a charm there none the less.
So, thank you, Tsuショプ mister donut- for just being you. <3

**I would like to make a quick note that I have no real qualm whatsoever with the people and city of Tsu. The extremity to which I play up Tsu is (mostly) in jest and for my own fun and indulgence. Please do not be offended by anything written here as it is purely in the spirit of fun (and some overly existential angst).**



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