自転車で素敵なミスド店巡り!(Mister Donut Bike Ride Adventure 2012!) PART 2

And for the Continuing Story of our…

自転車で素敵なミスド店巡り!(Mister Donut Bike Ride Adventure 2012!) PART 2

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Our next stop was our 6th…at MOTOYAMA (本山)!


6番目: 本山シャップ// Motoyama Shop

Afternoon at 本山店 (13:04)

Heading into the outskirts of our donut-shaped round-about of the Nagoya-city Mister Donuts. Motoyama is up on the Northeast end of the city.

Were we getting sick of donuts yet? Yes. Slightly. (haha, at least I was). This is when I started compiling a “Mister Donut grievances” list…haha.

Motoyama greivance #1: My grievance for the Motoyama shop was that there aren’t enough windows/isn’t enough natural light! With some better/proper windows- the place could be a lot more open and nice. (take a hint from Imaike!)

Here, we got one of the “special” 限定-or limited/seasonal donuts, (which can be really hit-or-miss). Well, this one unfortunately was one of the misses. It was a ホートリング (hot ring?) or some such nonsense, but it wasn’t hot AND when we asked for it to be heated up- the staff told us these donuts weren’t meant to be heated? Whatttttt?

Too tired to argue/care at this particular point- so we just ate it anyway.

Here it is! The ホートリング in all its not-hot glory! :]

Sweet! One more shop down! Next up- Gokiso! 御器所シャップ!


7番目:御器所シャップ// Gokiso Shop

(13:41) On to- Gokiso!

I quite like the Gokiso shop- but I always forget that I like it, actually. I almost always confuse it/clump it in with the Motoyama shop- seeing as they are both kinda “out-there” from Nagoya-city central, and very close to each other. However, they are actually quite different (and in my opinion, Gokiso is much nicer; or at least- more prone to relaxing in).

Luckily, since Motoyama and Gokiso are so close together- we had less time spent in transit/biking between shops- and could spend a bit of extra time relaxing here. It was very quiet and relaxed while we were there- exactly what I needed at that point I think.

It was here we shared the quintisential “Mister Donut” donut;

The 「ポンーデーリング」, “Pon de Ring”.

「ポンーデーリング」 Pon-de-ring. Existential in itself as the donut name sounds like “pondering”.

Now, I haven’t written much about this donut previously (my personal favourite being the French Cruller)- but this is arguably Mister Donut’s legacy- and possibly most famous/popular donut. 大人気!大好評!

I’ve tried very hard actually to like this donut- just for this very fact! But, I really just have to admit (against my best efforts) that sadly, I’m really just not very fond of it.

At best- it’s 普通/”normal” and otherwise- I am just not interested. I will give it credit however, in that it is very unique. The texture is unlike any other donut I’ve ever eaten- very similar texture to Japanese “mochi” or “pounded/sticky rice”.

Japanese mochi. (Even if adorable rabbits on the moon were to make this for me- it’s still not my favourite…)

The taste is: kinda sweet, kinda chewy and just all-around “mochi”-like. I will however, admit that I -do not- particularly like mochi, so therefore I can understand why the Pon de Ring isn’t my favourite.

Although I do love the name- Pon-de-Ring!

Why? Because the donut itself begets Existentialism and philosophy simply in it’s own existence! That it’s very own name sounds suspiciously like “pondering”!

My 500-point Pon-de-Lion plushie!

Also, the mascot- Pon-de-Lion is based around it- and I –am– quite fond of him.  :]

Anyway- that was my brief history/rant about Mister Donut’s famed “Pon-de-Ring”. It needed to be mentioned at some point, seeing as how it -is- the quintessential Mister Donut…donut.

For anyone who is further interested…my friend Will linked me to this interesting blog post that gives a bit more history on the ミスドのポンーデーリング.  Check it out here at, http://fiftyfootshadows.net/2012/01/26/pon-de-ring/

Okay! What were we talking about originally? Oh yes- the Pon-de-Ring we ate at Gokiso! Our 7th stop on our Mister Donut Bike Ride Adventure!

The 大好評 itself- ポンーデーリング! Pon-de-Ring!

Next stop is…Aeon Mall- Atsuta! (イオン熱田シャップ).


8番目: イオン熱田シャップ// AEON Mall- Atsuta Shop

(14:24) mid-afternoon at Aeon-mall Atsuta

Now, I’m not usually a fan of “mall” Mister Donuts (Apita/Aeon/etc.)- as they lose a lot of the atmosphere/character that makes it uniquely “Mister Donut” . Going to a mall Mister Donut hardly feels any different from being in any other mall food-court.

That being said- Atsuta Aeon is at least one of the better ones. I think because it’s not right -smack- in the middle of the food court and is a little more detached, that you don’t have to contend with/ be right in the thick of that whole “mall-food-court-thing” which makes it slightly more tolerable.

Honey-old fashioned (温める)- with bonus of free Kaldi coffee!

Here, we got one of my all-time favourite doughnuts! The honey-old fashioned…hot! Super secret insider tip! You can get any regular doughnut heated- and oftentimes, it makes them even more delicious! The honey ones are very, very amazing when heated. It gets all soft and glazed and….mmmm :]  I recommend you try it!

Next up- Kanayama! 金山です!


9番目: 金山シャップ// Kanayama Shop

Kanayama 4:46pm

Kanayama 4:46pm

This is actual an older picture of Kanayama, I took much longer ago. But, we were so exhausted at this point- I actually forgot to take a picture of the shop! So, instead enjoy this picture of Kanayama donuts at evening-time during Summer 2011!

Choco-ring (a classic favourite)

Choco-ring (a classic favourite)


10番目: 名古屋南シャップ// Nagoya (South) Shop

Nagoya Station (South) 3:17pm

Nagoya Station (South) 3:17pm

coconut donut

coconut donut and forlorn-ness, anguish…despair

This time around it was a cocount donut, coupled with forlorness, existential anguish, and despair…well, that or maybe we were just getting tired…


11番目: 名古屋駅前シャップ// Nagoya Station Shop

Nagoya Station 3:49pm

Nagoya Station 3:49pm

sugar donut

enjoying? a sugar donut


12番目: 中村公園シャップ// Nakamura Koen Shop

Nakamura Koen 4:23pm

Nakamura Koen 4:23pm

This was my first time going to the Nakamura Koen shop- and I believe this was the first “new” location we went to on the trip, so that was a pretty refreshing burst of energy on what was becoming a big of an exhausting endeavor.

custard...cream -shudder- my worst nightmare of all donuts!

custard…cream -shudder- my worst nightmare of all donuts!

Ugh, here was where I was FORCED to eat a custard cream donut!! The horror! I -hate- custard and have never liked donuts with filling, but we had vowed to try a different donut at each location and the time had come to face my custard horror…on top of being full/sick of donuts already at this point, it was pretty terrible. Tried not to vom. From what I remember, this location had a wailing child non-stop as well. We decided to make our stop at this one a brief one…


13番目: 本陣シャップ//  Honjin Shop

Honjin 4:46pm

Honjin 4:46pm

This was another new location I had never been to yet- and it was pretty exciting and one of the nicer locations we visited throughout our tour. Maybe I would even say the overall best? It was done up in the old/original wood style and very relaxing- a nice break from the trek.

wooden/original facade

wooden/original facade


pon-de-choco! (can see my mister donut bike key ring peeking out as well :P)


14番目: 庄内シャップ//  Shonai Shop

Shonai 5:36pm

Shonai 5:36pm

double choco

double choco


15番目: 黒川シャップ// Kurokawa Shop

Kurokawa 6:06pm

Kurokawa 6:06pm

Honey Dip! <3

Honey Dip! <3

A classic fav, the honey dip- complete with exciting TRIANGLE table in the middle of the shop! ポイント!


THE 16th MISTER DONUT STOP  on our ミスドめぐり/ Mister Donut Bike Ride Adventure;


16番目: 金城シャップ// Kinjo Shop


Last and final stop…Kinjo! 6:06pm



Luckily enough, Mister Donut was running a “decorate your own donut” campaign, so it was perfect for making a “Mister Donut めぐり思い出”.

Phew! Finished! What a ride! (Literally). Yeah, it was exhausting typing and just remembering that whole ordeal. By the end of it- I didn’t want to see another donut- EVER.

Luckily however, this temporary nausea/sickness induced by donuts passed- and I can still authentically say that I love Mister Donut. This must prove that my love for donuts is authentic, pure and true!


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