All good things…

Well, it’s been a fun existential/sugar/caffeine-fueled adventure these past 2 1/2 years here in Nagoya, but I’ve decided to leave this city and also Japan. Time for a change and to start a new journey- hopefully one that still includes donuts and extrinsic reflection…

I decided this a few months back and have since finished up working and just been traveling around, seeing many different parts of Japan. Complete with donuts and philosophical angst/musings too, of course!

I’m down to my final month here in Nagoya and today, as I was showing a friend who came to visit around town, we randomly passed by the location of my very first Mister Donut experience living here in Nagoya- the Kamimaezu/Osu Mister Donuts. Or rather- what USED to be the Kamimaezu/Osu Mister Donuts….

The tragic gravesite of what once was a bright, shiny Mister Donut

The tragic gravesite of what once was a bright, shiny Mister Donut…

The Osu Mister Donut shop. Filled with hope, optimism and infinite possibilities! (and donuts!)

The (former) Osu Mister Donut shop. Filled with hope, optimism and infinite possibilities! (and donuts!)

It’s a little hard to see (because I took them at different angles and at different times of the day) but, if you look closely- and look at the floor/ceiling tiles, you can see it’s the same location in the same shopping arcade.

I was pretty saddened to see this. It was -almost- as crushing and soul-destroying as coming back years later to the Kyoto, Sanjo amazing 3-STORY Mister Donut shop only to see that it had been replaced by a 3-story Burger King!!! Well, might as well show that one too while we’re on the topic of tragedy…

3F Mister Donuts in Sanjo- Before

3F Mister Donuts in Sanjo- Before

Now a 3F Burger King.... :(

Now a 3F Burger King…. :(

Again, the angle and time of day are different, but they’re the same location…ah, that was a tragic revelation indeed. Some things are better left unknown/unseen and this is one example.


(former) Osu Shopping Arcade location- awesome ミスド lanterns hanging outside!

Anyway, since I am leaving Nagoya and Japan- and this location was the very first location I went to in Nagoya- it seemed a fitting closure/end to my time here in this city and this time around in Japan.

I hope that one day when I return back to Japan and the never-ending existential journey of self-discovery, eating donuts and drinking copious amounts of unlimited refills on coffee- that I can start up my quest again to “every last Mister Donut in Japan!”.

To the future and it’s infinite possibilities. May every donut bring you one step closer to simplicity, happiness and donut-(or-non-donut) related satori.  ^.~

Your golden dream...your golden opportunity. Enjoy it to the fullest while you can- you can't take it with you....

Your golden dream…your golden opportunity. Available for both take-away or eat-in!


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