“[life], it’s like donut holes. Whether you take the donut hole as blank space or as

an entity unto itself is a purely metaphysical question and does not affect the taste of the donut one bit.”

-Haruki Murakami A Wild Sheep Chase (translation by Alfred Birnbaum)


To state it in its simplest and most basic form-

I love Mister Donuts.


So, what is this site about? (このサイトについて)

Well, it is my attempt at documenting every single Mister Donuts I have ever been to in Japan- along with a random contemplation or thought which manifests itself while I am sitting there. 「こっちのGOALは日本には全部のミスドの店を見に行ってように。」

…huh? (ええ??)

To further clarify, I like to go to Mister Donuts and just think (and it’s my favourite spot to study– can’t beat the お代わり コーヒー) and contemplate simple things such as, daily life and everyday existence- or occasionally more complex things such as the implications and meaning behind life, existence, experience, and of course, eating donuts. ((Do donuts dream of what they would possibly be if they never lost their hole? Would they still be deemed ‘donut’ or would their whole sense of being be lost? Are we all but lost- adrift in a sea of donuts?? )) And other such deep thoughts…

Mister Donuts is my place of comfort while living in Japan.  My retreat into my own little space of relaxation and contemplation. Basically, Mister Donuts is where I feel the most at ease and receptive to thinking about any number of things- and  often times, is just purely an escape from the chaos of the everyday.

Plus, you really can’t argue with unlimited free coffee refills!  いつもコーヒーはお代わり!!

A Breif History (概要)

My very first ミスド experience!  A historic moment indeed…

I first experienced Mister Donuts while on my very first trip to Japan, nearly 6 years ago. For some reason, the experience was particularly memorable, and I found myself strangely drawn to this particular place. I never much cared for donuts but I instantly LOVED Mister Donut (and their iced coffee)- and couldn’t stop raving about it and also finding myself missing it when I got back home.

In that respect, I often ask myself what it is exactly, that I love about Mister Donuts, and what is it that appeals to me so much. I find myself time and time again, coming back to the same conclusion- that it’s not just the store, it’s not the name- it’s not even the donuts or the food itself. It’s everything- the sum of all its parts in entirety. It’s the feeling, the mood, the “experience” of going to Mister Donuts that I truly love.

Therefore, in an attempt at exploring what it is exactly that draws me to this place so deeply, I decided to make this site in an attempt to document every single different Mister Donut I encounter and visit while living in Japan.

My ultimate goal is to eventually go to every single Mister Donut within Japan. There are apparently over 1,300 locations within Japan alone- with that number increasing every year.  頑張ろう?!

Objective Happiness is (non-existent) BUT, if it did exist it would be…Mister Donut!


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