• A quick ‘n tasty list of all the Mister Donuts locations I’ve visited in Japan thus far… 


Total Locations Visited: 55~ (and counting!)

**You can also click  より大きな地図で Mister Donuts Collection (ミスドを集めること) を表示   for a Google Maps outline of all locations I’ve visited**

名古屋 Nagoya

  • 金山 Kanayama

Summertime at Kanayama

  • 金山イオン Kanayama (ÆON Mall)

Lazy Monday night ごろごろing at Aeon ミスド

  • 名古屋 Nagoya (downtown)

In the heart of downtown Nagoya

  • 名古屋駅南 Nagoya Station (South)

Blurry & somewhat secretive south-of-the-station   ミスド! (also +Mos Burger)

  • 千種 Chikusa

Chikusa self-serve ミスド + Mos Burger

  • AEON Mall- 名古屋ドーム

Mall Kiosk Shop

  • 栄 Sakae

    In dowtown bustling Sakae at eveningtime

  • 今池 Imaike

Evening at Imaike Mister Donuts

  • 池下 Ikeshita

Blue Skies at Ikeshita ミスド

  • 大須 Osu

Usually I would take a picture of the front of the shop- but this cool shot of the Osu shopping arcade + Mister Donuts lanterns was way more fun

  • 藤が丘 Fujigaoka
  • (Amazing TWO separate Mister Donuts ON THE SAME STREET!)

TWO- yes, TWO! SEPARATE Mister Donuts- ON THE SAME STREET! Not even 5 shops apart from each other! Completely separate shops! Fujigaoka wins in the Mister Donut absurdity race so far :)

  • 御器所 Gokiso

Gokiso 御器所

  • 本山 Motoyama

Ramen Shop + Motoyama ミスド all in one

  • 庄内 Shonai (River)

Absolute favourite Nagoya location. All in the “original” style ミスド

  •  金城 Kinjo

Kinjo ミスド- discovered on random bike ride adventures!

  •  黒川 Kurokawa

黒川 This about sums up my life in Japan…(笑)

  • 中村公園 Nakamura Koen

Nakamura Koen中村公園- where I was made to eat a custard-cream donut! Yuck! :P

  • 平針- Hirabara

    Somehow I misplaced my shop picture of Hirabari- so here's one in front of the station advert for 平針ショップ

    Somehow I misplaced my shop picture of Hirabari- so here’s one in front of the station advert for 平針ショップ

  • 本陣 Honjin

Classic-style ミスド in 本陣 Honjin ! Very exciting find!

愛知 Aichi

  •  徳重 Tokushige

Tokushige Mall ミスド

  • 茶屋ヶ坂駅 Chayagasaka (Apita Mall)

Why are there so many Apita mall mister donuts?? Well, I guess you need something to make アピタ seem less depressing/bleak/lifeless!

  • 高蔵寺 Kozoji
Kozoji (hidden entrance)

Kozoji (hidden/backdoor entrance!)

  • 知立 Chiryu
Nighttime donut craving in Chiryu!

Nighttime donut craving in Chiryu!

  • 大垣 Ogaki

Ogaki Donut Corner

  • 大府 Obu

Obu…looking very typically uh, Obu-esk.

  • 刈谷 Kariya

Although I usually dislike mall Mister Donuts- and ESPECIALLY dislike APITA mall ミスド, this one -almost- makes you forget you are inside a bleak, soul-sucking APITA.

  • 上挙母 Uwagoromo

Apart from having an AMAZING name- UWAGOROMO?? Retro ミスド was a very exciting surprise! :D

三重 Mie

  • 津 Tsu

Late-night Tsu ミスド- looking (slightly) creepy and radiating Sartian forlorness, anxiety & despair

  • 津AEON Tsu- AEON mall

ミスド in Aeon Tsu- part TSU (get it?) :P

大阪 Osaka

  • 枚方市駅前 Hirakata-shi (outside the station)

Hirakata ミスド- still my absolute favourite in all of Japan!

  • 枚方市Hirakata-shi#2 (near the Yodogawa River)

Interior view of the 2nd Hirakata-shi ミスド

  • 交野市 Katano-shi (no picture)
  • 樟葉駅 Kuzuha (station)

樟葉 kuzuha station shop

  • 樟葉 Kuzuha (2)

Epic 2nd Kuzuha ミスド location! Within 5 mins walking distance from the station shop!

  • 牧野 Makino

Nostalgic Makino Eki ミスド- one of my first & most 懐かしい locations!

  •  香里園 Kourien

Surprise korien apita-mall ミスド visit

  • 門真市 Kadomashi
Kadomashi- another ミスド along my favourite, the 京阪線 in Osaka!

Kadomashi- another ミスド along my favourite, the Keihan(京阪線) in Osaka!

  • 千里中央 Senri-Chou (Outdoor Shopping Mall)

千里中央 Senri-Chuo おしゃれ Mister Donut! Classiest/Fanciest ミスド I’ve seen!

  • 京橋 Kyobashi

WOW! Crazy NEON-lit ミスド!Done up like an American-style diner! One of the most interesting Mister Donut locations I’ve stumbled across so far!

  • 淀屋橋 Yodoyabashi
Somewhat secret/hidden/mysterious Yodoyabashi shop!

Somewhat secret/hidden/mysterious Yodoyabashi shop… (at least I never noticed it when I was living there!)

  • なんば Osaka- Namba

なんば Station Walk- Mister Donut Corner

  • 桃谷 Momodani

Momodani ミスド still has the original layout/logo

京都 Kyoto

  • 京都駅- Kyoto Station

Kyoto Station Mister Donuts- with a DISAPPOINTING lack of Mister Donut coffee! What?? がっかり!

  • 山科 Yamashina

randomly stumbled upon en route to Osaka!

  • 三条- Sanjo

3F Mister Donuts in Sanjo- Before

Now a 3F Burger King…. :(

鳥取県- Tottori

鳥取市- Tottori

Even in the prefecture with the least amount of people in all of Japan...there's still a Mister Donut!

Even in the prefecture with the least amount of people in all of Japan…there’s still a Mister Donut! :)

福岡- Fukuoka 

  • 博多 Hakata Station Shop (no picture)

仙台- Sendai

  • 勾当 Kotodai Park, Sendai

ミスド & Tanabata festivities in 仙台!

  • 仙台中央通り Sendai- Chuo Odori

Another random ミスド discovery in Sendai!

北海道- Hokkaido

  • 苫小牧 Tomakomai

Exciting discovery in the tiny port-town of Tomakomai, Hokkaido!

函館- Hakodate

  • 五稜郭- Goryokaku, Hakodate

random stumble-upon in Hakodate. 五稜郭 Goryokaku shop location.

岩手県- Iwate

  • 一関市- Ichinoseki, Iwate
Ichiniseki in Iwate-ken

Ichiniseki in Iwate-ken

青森- Aomori

  • 青森駅 Aomori Station

青森駅 Aomori station shop- looking very blue (青) but rather un-foresty. (森) :P

  • つがるジャスコ- Tsugaru City (in Jusco Shopping Centre)

With Mike &  donuts!

  • 弘前 Hirosaki

弘前ミスド! Hirosaki Mister Donut Shop




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