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Osaka/Keihan ミスド Adventures (大阪・京阪線の旅)

This picture has nothing to do with neither donuts -shock- nor Osaka, but I did find it on the Keihan line and it’s wayy too cute.

Golden Week has come and gone here in Japan, where you get a week of work to travel or (in my case) laze around at home and in mister donut. I didn’t go anywhere over Golden Week, but I did do a brief travel up to Osaka in the beginning of April in-between switching jobs.

What did I do in Osaka, you ask? Well, this wasn’t exactly planned (or was it?) but, I ended up wandering around and touring a quarter of the Keihan (my favourite and most 懐かしい train line in Japan) and a handful of the Mister Donuts along it.

I had some plans to visit my Japanese host-family in the evening, but as for the rest of the day- I was completely, authentically and infinitely free (as we all are). I didn’t have any more pressing plans than aimlessly ぶらぶらing around, and it was a nice day- so I figured, why not get off a few stops before my station and walk to my host family’s house.

Kuzuha 樟葉

Kuzuha station shop

I decided to get off at Kuzuha(樟葉駅), seeing as how I had passed by it many times and always liked the sound of the name/been interested in exploring it. Lo and behold- not 1min outside of Kuzuha station did I see a mister donut! Success! I didn’t actually bother to explore the station shop, as it didn’t really have a proper place to sit and looked to be お持ち帰り (take-out) only.

Kuzuha (outside) the station

Upon further exploration, I came to find out there  is not one, but two separate Mister Donuts in Kuzuha- within a 5 min walk/radius of one another! This time, I opted to have a sit, a bit of a nap and a coffee and french cruller. It wasn’t a bad spot- but I wasn’t immediately taken with it- and I felt some strange feeling that I couldn’t fully and completely relax here, (may have been something to do with relentlessly crying child that was also present- but I can’t say for certain…). In the end I only stayed for about a half-hour.

Makino (牧野)

Sunset, train lines- an evening in Makino.

I kept on walking until I reached Makino (牧野駅), which is right around my old study abroad stomping grounds, so it was pretty すごく懐かしい~ or highly nostalgic and so forth.

I had a sit, contemplated where I was, who I was, “…what was I doing there and why was I dressed so oddly” (bonus existential donut points if you can name the Sartre quote! :P) …why donuts are so pleasing, why people should probably take more naps than they do…and other such deep thoughts.

Makino is a great little area of Osaka. If you ever find yourself on the Keihan heading from Osaka towards Kyoto, I greatly recommend having a stop and a sit at Makino, or Hirakata-shi, or Gotenyama, or Kuzuha. Anyway, may as well just ride the whole Keihan line, get off at any random station, wander around and call it a complete day. Done and done!

Hirakata-shi (枚方市)

The legend itself! The most wondrous of all the Mister Donuts!!

Well, Hirakata-shi is a pretty special place to me indeed, and it’s probably one of the most significant Mister Donuts- one that made me realize my quintisential love for doughnuts and relaxing and aimlessly staring off into space…

So special in fact, that I will (probably, if I ever decide to get around to it) devote a full, proper post, to it specifically and individually.  It just had the perfect atmosphere and was one of the absolute best spots for relaxing. It’s nestled away in a little indoor shopping arcade- with not much inside besides an 怪しい palm-reader, a KFC, a Book-Off and some non-remarkable typical 定食-type Japanese restaurants. I always liked that place especially though, because of the  オルゴール  (twinkly music box music) that was ALWAYS playing- without fail. It gave the place a sort-of quiet, hidden-away, relaxing and magical atmosphere…like something out of a fairy tale.

It may simply be due to that fact that it was the first regular and frequent exposure I had to Mister Donut- but it still holds a special place in my heart none-the-less! I felt that whenever I came here, I could relax utterly and completely and take a moment to take everything in. It’s still probably my favourite Mister Donut location in all of Japan- and I make a point to stop by whenever I’m back in Hirakata. :)

I like taking little day trips up to Osaka when I can squeeze it in. It’s a nice little escape/excursion and always makes me feel as if I’m going back in time- or leaving my current life here and going back to being a student.

Hopefully there will be many more Osaka Mister Donut adventures to come! 大阪が大好き!ドーナツが大好き!大阪でドーナツを食べて、大好き!


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