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池下 Ikeshita Shop Review (and New Years adventure)


(Ikeshita Shop)

Ikeshita on the corner amid a cloudless blue sky

 ポイント! (Key Point)

  • Mysterious 2nd floor bathroom in an alternate dimension
  • Cozy window seating area with blinds and ground-level view of the outside street &  Ikeshita train station

Some studying in late-afternoon

First of all, I love the lighting in this particular location. I really dislike synthetic light, and I like places with lots of windows/good natural lighting.

Ikeshita has some great windows and lets the light in really well, and at the right time in late afternoon, the whole place is bathed in this great, golden late-afternoon glow.

I like to sit on the stools by the window and look outside through the blinds. It’s a great spot to study and/or take an afternoon nap. Siestas/昼ね/Mid-afternoon naps are another one of my favourite hobbies.

What secrets lay inside?

One of the most interesting aspects of this place however, is the mysterious 2nd floor bathroom in an alternate dimension and which is also devoid of time- or perhaps caught in one particular still or moment in time, I’m not quite sure, myself.

Honestly though, every time I go upstairs to use the bathroom I feel as if I have been transported to another world or dimension and that the world I’m living in is no longer real.

First of all, in order to get to the bathroom, you can’t access it from inside the shop, but you literally have to go out a door that leads to the outside, back onto the street and walk up an immediate staircase to the next floor of the connecting building.

Up the stairs...

Into the alternate donut dimension!

Its during this transport from the shop to the upstairs that I feel like myself has been physically removed from the universe I thought I’ve come to know. Upstairs, it all looks the same, but something is very off with the feeling and mood- the light- everything about it is slightly strange.

This is by no means a bad thing, in fact it’s a very interesting thing- and I always like the labyrinth maze-like walk upstairs to this bathroom in an alternate dimension. I feel like time there stops and stays still for just a little bit.

Here I feel a sort of odd, wrenching kind of feeling- oh wait, this is starting to sound like a Murakami novel…perhaps this can all be attributed to that fact that I’ve gotten deep into reading 1Q84, often at this particular location. In addition, I may or may not have fallen asleep at the counter having wild Murakami and too much black coffee/french cruller-induced dreams. ;)

Herein ends my little story/ode to the alternate universe that lies just on top of a nondescript little office building above the Mister Donut in Ikeshita, Nagoya, Japan.

Perhaps one day you too, can experience time stand still and see the universe from inside a fish-eye lens on top of the 2nd floor of the Ikeshita ミスド.  Sometimes we all need a little escape from reality/the everyday and our own little escape into a quiet, faraway place. :)

Christmas time at Ikeshita! クリスマスのとき~

Merry Christmas! Happy 2012!




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